Time for a new toy – Ukulele


It’s a time to learn a new musical instrument. Ukulele, yes, the one look like guitar but just about one forth size.. usually ppl will call it Hawaii guitar.. the main difference between a regular guitar and a Ukulele not only in size, it’s actually only got 4 strings while guitar have 6. the tuning in Ukulele are also completely not in the same manner with guitar.Standard tuning in a Ukulele are from top down G,C,E,A. . for that you can easily imagine that the chord sharp which build in Ukulele are in completely difference way too.     Fortunately, there are a tons of information on the net, just type UKULELE in google or Wiki and  you will have a night or 2 of fun, not to mention the endless performance and instructional video on youtube….


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